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Unleash Your Taste Buds at Chicago's Chicken Shack!!

Where Bold Flavors Capture the Essence of the Windy City!

Chicago's Chicken Shack® is not only a fast-growing franchise; it's a culinary journey. Our story is rooted in the vibrant neighborhoods of the Windy City, where a passion for flavor and a commitment to quality collided to create a mouthwatering sensation. What started as a simple dream, has now blossomed into a franchise phenomenon, and has become a Licensed National Restaurant Brand. 

Our success is built on a foundation of crispy, succulent chicken, secret family recipes, and an unwavering dedication to providing our customers with a taste of Chicago's best. Join us on this savory adventure as we continue to expand our love for chicken across the nation, one crispy bite at a time. 

Lady Dame Dr. Shatira

            Meet the driving force behind the mouthwatering success of Chicago's Chicken Shack®, Lady Dame Shatira! Her journey is a testament to the American dream, where dedication and a deep love for food transformed her from a Chicago native with a dream, into a thriving entrepreneur. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a steadfast belief in the power of delicious, crispy chicken, Lady Dame Shatira has nurtured her brand into a franchise success story! Her vision and dedication continues to fuel the brand's expansion and ensure that every customer gets a taste of her authentic Chicago recipe. Lady Dame Shatira is not only the CEO/Creator; she's the heart and soul of Chicago's Chicken Shack®, and her story is an inspiration to all who love Chicago Style Chicken!! 


 As a serial entrepreneur, Lady Dame Dr. Shatira has carved an extraordinary path through the business world. Transitioning from a career at the U.S. Post Office to a full-time pursuit of entrepreneurship, Shatira's journey has been marked by remarkable achievements and groundbreaking ventures that have garnered national and international recognition. 

Beginning as a sought-after National Handbag Designer, Shatira's creations graced the pages of prestigious publications such as Ebony, Instyle, and the list goes on. while also captivating audiences through television and radio broadcasts nationwide. Her innovative designs ultimately propelled her into becoming a U.S. Importer/Exporter, where she established herself as a trailblazing African American female in Illinois, working relentlessly to gain approval for her Eel skin Leather Handbags with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and various U.S. Custom Ports, once that was approved, she did her own brokerage as one of three licensed women in the State of Illinois, and the only African American women, as she went on to sell her products nationwide, which resulted in over $6 million worth of free advertising. 

Continuing to expand her entrepreneurial portfolio, Shatira ventured into the realm of multi-unit franchise ownership, acquiring 6 locations of a national brand becoming a Franchisee, Simultaneously, she Opened Diva Dolls International, the first licensed Plastic Surgery Recovery Home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and for seven years, her establishment aided over 5000 women worldwide, helping women through their medical procedures, and helping to rescue women from Sex trafficking earning her the status of a legend in the Dominican Republic, per many of her clients. 

Shatira's unwavering commitment to uplifting others extends to her role as a Franchisor, where she launched Chicago's Chicken Shacks as an approved licensed brand to operate across the United States, exemplifying her hard work and vision within the franchise industry. Ever focused on catalyzing growth and fostering possibilities, she has evolved into a revered public speaker and philanthropist, extending charitable support to shelters, children, animals, and simply individuals in need. Shatira is also the first and only recipient to receive The International Women of the Year award 2023 hosted by NowHonors live in Las Vegas. Shatira is also a recipient of The United States Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, due her Philanthropy and Leadership 2024. That's not it, Shatira has also been nominated to receive the "LEGACY BUILDER FRANCHISOR OF THE YEAR AWARD" from the Women of Heart foundation, known as "The Oscar for Womantarians" taking place in London 2024 

Acknowledged as Lady Dame Dr. Shatira following the conferral of an Honorary Doctorate Degree, her dedication to creating transformative experiences has positioned her as a Knighted member of The Royal and Sovereign House of Cappadocia under The Royal Order of Constantine The Great and St. Helen, as she was Knighted by your highness Prince Rafael Andujar a direct decent to Constantine the Great. Embodying a spirit of selfless service and boundless compassion, Lady Dame Dr. Shatira exemplifies a life lived with intention, as she continues impacting other's lives with an open heart and unwavering generosity

The Corporate Team!