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Really good chicken, the wings are true wings, like I had 6 , so they definitely needed 3 chickens to fufill my order. It came with fries and some soppin toast. The hot sauce is like Red Hots and the mild sauce is like a better version of fish and chips hot sauce. I got the hot sauce drizzled on it with the mild sauce on the side to dip it in. I would suggest that! So you know you got a fire chicken spot! Must go to spot if you love chicken. The breading was good and not greasy and so delicious!

David Fierros "Google Review"

This one of those places, you kinda want to keep to yourself.

But. Deserves to be recognized. The absolute BEST FISH FILLET that Ive had in over 40 years. Just as good as what my mother would make. Havent tried the shrimp yet. But the fish, fries and wings are beyond just good.  PAY ATTENTION. AND ORDER IT WITH THE SAUCE... ON THE SIDE. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Eileen McCormick "Google Review"

Have been eating fish all my life (Cleveland,Circa 1980). I will say this place serves well seasoned, crispy, flavorful, tender fish filets. Ordered the Large fish Dinner. Fries were good. Fish brought back memories of my dads cooking.  

Aryn Russell "Google Review"

This chicken is scream’n good! If your a wing or and fried chicken fan this is a must try joint! The birds fried to perfection, the sauce is like no other and the customer service is top notch. When it comes to wings I’ve tried them all and this place is definitely on my top 10, hell in Tempe it’s my #1 spot. I highly recommend Chicago Chicken Shack! Get some...

Tyson "Google Review"